Missions to Zambia

Zambia is a peaceful, southern African nation being ravaged by AIDS. This horrific pandemic is stealing the country's future. An entire generation has been lost, and it is estimated that there are currently 10,000,000 orphans due to the disease in the continent of Africa.

Moved by the plight of helpless children left behind and a wonderful ministry of compassion that offers hope in the midst of suffering, Crestwood Church has joined the mission of Crisis Nurseries in Zambia.

Crisis Nurseries in Zambia is a special ministry to shelter children under five years of age who have been orphaned or abandoned, or are in another type of crisis situation. Babies and children are brought to the crisis nursery to receive nurturing, loving care until the extended family or a foster or adoptive family can be found and prepared. 

Crestwood's financial support helps to fund the operating costs of the nurseries.

Namumu Orphanage Centre

Namumu Orphanage Centre, located in Siavonga, Zambia, is a community-based program with 80 children in residence. Although Namumu has been able to accommodate these 80 orphans, there are many, many more in need of assistance. The Centre is targeting support for 50 more children in various places in this district.

An elder from the Hillsboro Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, traveled to Zambia with a group from The Outreach Foundation. The elder, a local news anchor, produced a four-part broadcast on the plight of the children in the streets of Zambia. A group of prison inmates saw the broadcast and were moved to do something to help the orphans. Most of these orphans have lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The inmates, with the help of their families, raised over $12,000 to help build Namumu.

The Namumu program emphasizes self-reliance. They are taught practical skills, like gardening and tending pigs, as well as school work. There is also a community school which opened its 6th grade this past January, which brought enrollment to over 230 children. Fishing boats (Kapenta boats) are used to sustain the orphanage as well as to teach life skills to the children. The staff are training the children to become fishermen. Crestwood contributes 7% of its missions budget along with other Outreach Foundation funding to help operate the orphanage and school, as well as purchasing more boats to help Namumu become more self-supporting.

Munjongo & Esther Namuyamba of Namumu Orphanage                                          

Munjongo and Esther Namuyamba are the founders of the Namumu Orphanage in Siavonga, Zambia, visited by Ellen Shaffer and Carolyn Prather during their spring trip with The Outreach Foundation last year. In 2006, Crestwood funded a special project of outfitting a fishing boat to provide for the feeding of the orphans as well as providing income for the orphanage through the selling of the excess catch on the local market. This year in 2007, we have provided funds for the continued operation of the orphanage.

Crestwood was honored to host these two very special people back in February of this year. Munjongo and Esther shared the amazing story of the Namumu Orphanage during the worship services on Sunday, February 25th aand also during Kirk Night on Wednesday, February 28th. We heard how God's grace and faithfulness have strengthened Munjongo and Esther's ministry to the orphans and families in the local tribal area.

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